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Wesley College, Colombo over the years has stood for the freedom of the human spirit, the brotherhood of man and the community of all her sons; to whatever race or religion they may belong. Wesley College has consistently demonstrated that Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils and Burghers can study, work, play and live together without creating any damaging racial or religious prejudices.

Wesley College OBU (AUSTRALIA) has since its inception adopted this vision of our Alma Mater by promoting unity among the Sri Lankans in Australia while contributing to the betterment of educational, sports and social standards at Wesley College. Accordingly, the main mission of the Wesley College OBU (AUSTRALIA) is to promote the united action of the fraternal band of those who were educated at Wesley College Colombo, to advance the education and moral standards of the present and future pupils of the College to serve the community with dignity and honour.

For this financial support and and professional expertise are being provided to the Principal and the staff of Wesley College, Colombo to further the standards of academic levels and performance in sports activities achieved by the present and future students of the College. Most importantly, the continuing mission of Wesley College OBU (AUSTRALIA) is to contribute in every possible way for Wesley College, Colombo to reach new heights, producing “Men of grit and industry”, who will serve our dear land Sri Lanka with honour bright and loyalty.


History & Foundation of the OBU Australia

By the late Mr. Keith de Kretser


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The Old Boys and Community Portal is an exciting online resource that encourages and facilitates even greater levels of Old Boy participation in the life of the School.

Get to more know about the upcoming events to meet and greet the other old boys within the union.