“Throughout the last century Wesley College has stood for the freedom of the human spirit and the community of all her sons, to whatever race or religion they belong.

She has always been a friendly and joyful place for a boy to grow up in. To the wider life of Sri Lanka, the school has continued to give fine men – men of vision, men of scholarship, men of ability, men of deep understanding and simple faith.”

A.S. WIRASINHA, PRINCIPAL 1962 – 1983 An extract from the Principal’s message for the Centenary of Wesley College in 1974

Wesley College is still going strong serving the youth of Sri Lanka and the aims of her founding fathers. Thanks to the efforts of the Church, the Principal and the Teachers, the support of the parents, the support of the alumni both local and overseas, and well-wishers she continues to deliver. However, the College has many challenges it faces in order to maintain the legacy it has created over the past two centuries.

Your financial support will make a difference to the operational costs of the OBUA and towards approved development projects that will enrich Wesley College.

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